UPS Systems



Providing seamless protection to your operations

Protecting your business operations requires more than a standby generator; an unexpected loss of power or even dips and surges in your power supply can be tremendously damaging to your computer systems and electrical equipment.

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems provide crucial protection to your business during shorter periods of mains power failure, becoming the bridge between your main power source and your backup generator system. Our UPS systems also shield your computer systems from dips and spikes in your power supply, ensuring your data and functionality is protected.


UPS systems should be considered for all mission critical equipment, not just major data centres.

Our UPS systems can be installed in a range of environments, providing protection from multiple desktop systems to industrial scale plant protection.

All of our uninterruptible power supply products are recognised for being at the forefront of power protection and innovation in terms of reliability, flexibility, efficiency and scalability. They use less energy, generate less associated CO2 emissions and save on valuable floor space, making them ideal for a range of IT applications, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Education and Healthcare.


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"We suffered a major power failure,
the setup kept our facility running the entire time. - Outstanding!"..