We have delivered some 700 generators for STOR use. Here are a few of our recent projects:


Bradford Royal Infirmary Generator



Bradford Royal Infirmary

Following the failure of one of the old emergency generators during a routine test, GMI Power were able to source and install an urgent 825kVA generator for Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Post delivery, the new generator was cabled up to the original connection point and the exhaust flue was adapted to mate to the replacement engine as well as to the attenuation and motorised louvres on the airways.

Fuel was connected and the advanced programming logic input into the generator controller to provide synchronisation to both a second generator and to the mains supply for a soft return on mains restoration.

The generator was then successfully load bank tested at its full rated load in preparation for automatic duty in the event of a power failure to the hospital buildings at any point in the future. 


Mobile Broadcasting Generator



Mobile Live Television Broadcast Unit

As demand for access to more live sport on TV increases there is an absolute requirement to never have a blackout, that would result in viewers missing the vital moments of a game. GMI Power were commissioned to provide an articulated trailer with 2 Nr 200kVA prime rated diesel generators for a mobile live television broadcast unit.

Beyond spatial constraints, a number of challenges had to be overcome, including providing overall control of the two 200kVA synchronised outputs from a single accessible point and ensuring sufficient airflow for cooling without cutting large holes in the sides. Both these and a number of other issues were overcome, in addition to providing a separate bunded fuel tank to supplement the integral fuel tanks and provide additional on-board autonomy.

Since commissioning, the trailer has been used to provide power for televising numerous events and has clocked up many running hours, giving unbroken transmission of sporting events all around the country. 


STOR Projects

We have installed 668 generators across 16 sites, with a capacity of 310MW. Our projects span multiple regions, designing, installing and maintaining systems for a range of clients.